Comic recommendation of the day Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin

Comic recommendation of the day

Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin

Iron Man #55, Captain Marvel #25-34

Thanos. Let’s talk about Thanos.

One of my favorite supervillains. He’s been hanging out in the backgrounds of many a Marvel movie lately.

There are 3 great eras of Thanos stories. And you can pick where you want to jump on board. You can start here in 1973. You can jump ahead to 1990. Or you can jump ahead to 2004.

We’ll get to each era in turn. We’ll start here. With what I think of as the original Thanos saga. It comes in a few acts. This is the beginning of the saga. We’ll cover the rest over the next few days.

Essentially, as Starlin moved from title to title, he took his character of Thanos with him, and Thanos’ thread continued through, jumping from Iron Man to Captain Marvel to Warlock to Avengers.

You’ll want to begin with that single issue of Iron Man by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin. It introduces Thanos and Drax the Destroyer, as well as the civilization on the Titan moon. Their story continues on in the pages of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel had been a Kree warrior, who betrayed his people to protect earth from their aggression. Over the course of events, he became bonded with the earthman Rick Jones. Their minds are linked and they share an existence. When Rick Jones clashes together his Nega-Bands, Captain Marvel takes his place in our world.

This adventure will take Captain Marvel on a metaphysical journey unlike anything before seen in superhero comics. It will have the feel of an acid trip where you wake up believing war is bad (Jim Starlin may have been a bit of a hippy).

For Thanos has gained the Cosmic Cube and become a god. To stop him, Captain Marvel must learn to give up his warrior ways and become instead a protector. The ancient being known as Eon will be his guide on this spiritual journey.

The comic is generally brilliant, but also rough around the edges. The creator, Jim Starlin, will be refining his ideas and deliver them in a much more polished fashion when he writes the next Thanos story in the pages of Warlock.

The Thanos saga which begins here is an all-time top 5 comic story for me.

For those seeking completeness, I’ll note the story has a few nonessential tie-ins:
Marvel Feature #12 is also by Starlin and features Thing in battle with henchmen of Thanos.
Avengers #125 takes place in the middle of the battle with Thanos and shows the Avengers lending a hand, by Steve Englehart and John Buscema
Daredevil #105-107. Daredevil battles Madame MacEvil, who will come to be called Moondragon. The story is by Steve Gerber, but Starlin chips in an aside which is Madame MacEvil’s origin, which is closely linked to Thanos and Drax.
Logan’s Run #6 features a Drax/Thanos story by Scott Edelman and Mike Zeck. Entirely unimportant.


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