Comic Recommendation of the Day – Books of Magic

Comic recommendation of the day

Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman, John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess and Paul Johnson

Tim Hunter is young English boy with glasses. He seems an ordinary boy, but we will learn he is destined to be a great wizard. He will first need schooling. This is the story of his schooling.

His teachers will unite some of DC’s mystical characters, particularly those clad in trenchcoats: Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Dr. Occult, and Mr. E. Each has a different lesson from young Har– I mean Tim. And each lesson is illustrated by a different artist, as we explore the DC Universe and beyond, the past through the future, from the realm of Faerie to Hell itself.

Before making his name as a novelist, Gaiman was a popular writer of British comics who had started making a name for himself in American comics just a couple years earlier. His name was already coming to be associated with modern fantasy.

(Chris Nowlin is a good friend of Ace Comics and Games. Chris knows and loves comics and he’s written a ton of recommendations of comics series and he’s kindly agreed to share these with us.)

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