Comic recommendation of the day Avengers by Jim Starlin and Joe Rubinstein

Comic recommendation of the day

Avengers by Jim Starlin and Joe Rubinstein

Avengers annual 7

Every other recommendation so far, I’ve tried to focus on entire books or series of books, suggesting groups of issues rather than a single thin issue. Making an exception here. This is one of the finest comics I have ever read, and I wanted to spotlight it on its own.

It also represents the 3rd major Thanos story, after we saw him in Captain Marvel and Warlock. This time, Thanos has assembled 6 powerful gems and turned them into a weapon capable of destroying stars. He plans to destroy stars as a gift to his lover, Death. He is backed by an army of interstellar mercenaries.

Our sun is next.

It tells a complete and epic in tale within its pages. It builds on the story of Thanos as already presented, and I would recommend reading Starlin’s Warlock comics before reading this. This makes a nice epilogue to the Warlock series.

Warlock, Captain Marvel and the Avengers must team up to stop Thanos’ mad plans. And for Warlock, the bizarre and mindbending events of the Magus saga come full circle, in a very literal sense.

This is the final battle for the sake of the universe. Earth’s greatest heroes united against its most powerful villain. Hundreds of Marvel comics have sought to imitate the events of these pages. And Marvel has framed its entire movie universe around the events of these pages.

In its entire near-80 year history, there is only one Marvel comic I hold in higher regard than this one.

The loose ends this comic leaves unresolved are wrapped up in a Marvel Two-In-One annual 2, in which Spider-Man and Thing rescue the Avengers from Thanos’ hordes.

I’ll link to the exact same Warlock collection I linked to yesterday, as this comic is contained within it.…/dp/0785188479/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2…

Not reprinted here, but also far less important: There is a single plot hole in Warlock’s story if you jump from Warlock #15 to this Avengers comic. It is addressed, but rather clumsily, in Marvel Team-Up #55. I would suggest just not worrying about it if you notice the plot hole.

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