Comic Book Recommendation of the DAY: Top 10 by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon

Comic recommendation of the day


It’s a world where all kinds of sci/fi and fantasy stories actually happened, and that suddenly found itself crawling with robots and mad scientists and all sorts of weirdness. By law, the weirdness was confined to a single city in a massive forced relocation.

Top 10 is the story of the police who look after that city. Whether investigating the murder of Baldur, dealing with an infestation of cosmic mice, or going after a serial killer, the police are on the job. Though they also have their own drama. A woman who changes her skin color to make it look like she is clothed is unhappy to learn that her boss, a doberman, is color-blind. And Smax from a fairy tale land has no use for his new partner and her toys.

I’ve now repeatedly called Alan Moore the best writer in comics. I stand by that. The original series was 12 issues, collected here. There would be later follow-ups and spin-offs.

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