Comic recommendation of the day Avengers: The Korvac Saga

Comic recommendation of the day

Avengers: The Korvac Saga

Avengers #167-168,170-177

Continuing our journey through the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, we come to this great Avengers saga from 1978 . A man named Michael Korvac lives happily in a suburban home with his wife. He was recently become a god and seeks to change the balance of power in this universe. Is he evil? Or good? What right have mortals such as we to even ask such questions? What right have the Avengers?

This is a battle for gods. Odin, Zeus, Heimdall, Mephisto, the Watcher, and even greater deities like Death, Chaos & Order, and Eternity himself.

The Guardians of the Galaxy–Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27, Vance Astro, Starhawk and Nikki–have travelled back in time to stop him. They team up with the Avengers, who have to call in the reserves, so there are quite a lot of Avengers: Beast, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Vision, Thor, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Moondragon, Hercules, Black Widow and their fathful butler Jarvis. And their newest member, Jocasta, bride of Ultron. But because that’s not nearly enough superheroes, Nick Fury, Nighthawk, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel show up. (Ms. Marvel is Carol Danvers, and goes by Captain Marvel these days. The upcoming film is expected to spotlight her, not the original Captain Marvel.) As well as the also-time-displaced-but-in-the-other-direction Two-Gun Kid.

And, because it’s the Marvel Universe, if a psychic shockwave is sent throughout earth, people are going to notice. So look for cameos from Dr. Strange and Spider-Man!

It won’t be enough.

Along the way, they’ll battle the Porcupine, Ultron, AttumaCollector (one of the Elders of the Universe). But the greatest threat of all is named Henry Gyrich. He’s with the government.

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